Professional Slewing Bearing


LTZC Bearing is a professional slewing bearing manufacture with following main Products. Slewing Bearing, Large Size Non-standard Precision Bearing, Ladle Turret Slewing Bearing Shield machine bearing series, Rolling Mill Bearing.

30 30 Years Experience
6000 Square meter Workshop
160 Employees

Vision and Mission

Make customers' equipmentoperate more accurately
With the spirit of craftsmanshipProduce extra large bearingswith technical content!
Customer satisfaction is our pursuit!
Manufacture high-precision bearings, Focus on extra-large bearings, to create a win-win situation.

Equipment and processing capabilities

LTZC Bearing Company has many advanced equipment, such as: 1.75m vertical grinder processing machine, 8m/6m/5m/4m CNC vertical lathe, CNC horizontal lathe, gear hobbing machine, CNC gear shaping machine, drilling machine, medium frequency quenching machine......etc.

    Vertical grinder machine
    CNC vertical lathe
    Gear hobbing machine
    CNC gear shaping machine
    Drilling machine
    Frequency quenching machine

Quality Control

Product Accuracy

LTZC's bearings products covers four levels: P0, P6, P5, and P4. and we passed the ISO9001 quality system certification In 2003.

Implementation standards

General bearings GB/T307; slewing bearings JB/2300; shipbuilding industry CB/T3669; machinery industry JB/T10471; wind power bearings JB/T10705.

LTZC Bearing is committed to building a well-known and influential slewing bearing manufacturing enterprise. Provide customers with perfect solutions.

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