Gear Rings

Outer gear ring

Outer gear ring

The axial distance between the outer gear and the outer gear ring should be maintained at 2.5-5 millimeters.

Inner gear ring

Inner gear ring

The inner gear ring is an internal gear in planetary gear transmission that is on the same axis as the planetary carrier.

Slewing Gear Ring

Slewing Gear Ring

Slewing Gear Ring are large special structural bearings that can simultaneously withstand large axial loads, radial loads, and overturning moments.

What is gear ring

The gear ring is made of medium carbon steel and can be used as a flywheel for engines, or it is commonly used in aerospace and satellite applications, or in any situation that requires torque conversion. The gear ring is an essential simple part of a vehicle.

Features of gear rings

A gear is a part of a machine, consisting of gears connected to a rotating shaft. Gears operate in pairs, transmitting and changing rotational motion and torque (steering force) without slipping, and the teeth of one gear mesh with those of the corresponding gear.

If the teeth on a pair of paired gears are arranged in a circle, that is to say, the gear is a gear, then the ratio of shaft speed to torque is constant. If the teeth are arranged on non circular objects, the speed and torque ratio will change. Most gears are round.

The characteristic of the inner gear ring is its strong load capacity, which is mainly because its multiple gears disperse its load capacity, so its load capacity is relatively strong. A stronger load capacity can better play its role for the inner gear ring, improve its operating speed, and thus enhance work efficiency.

The product quality of the inner gear ring is generally relatively reliable, and the product quality mainly depends on the manufacturer chosen. For some powerful manufacturers, the product quality is relatively reliable and trustworthy, but for some manufacturers who lack strength or lack strength, the product quality is unreliable.

The machining process of the inner gear ring includes several steps, including forging preliminary forming, polishing treatment, fine machining design and treatment, soft nitriding treatment, shot blasting rust prevention treatment, etc. Through these treatments, the machining of the inner gear ring can be completed. Just follow the steps to process the inner gear ring product, and it's done.

Applications of gear rings

Transmission of machinery in industries such as forging, construction, mining, plastics, food, engineering, petroleum, chemical, machine tools, shipbuilding, leather, textiles, fans, water pumps, etc.

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