LTZC Slewing Bearing in Application Range

LTZC Slewing Bearing in Application Range

LTZC slewing ring bearings are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to transmit axial and radial forces, as well as tilting moments. These machine elements have a wide range of applications in various sectors, contributing to improved performance and increased efficiency.

Construction Industry:

Slewing bearings are used in tower cranes, crawler cranes, and truck cranes. The type of slewing bearing used varies depending on the application and load capacity requirements. For tower cranes, four-point contact bearings and crossed roller bearings are popular choices, while crawler cranes often use three-row roller slewing bearings. Truck cranes typically use single-row ball bearings or crossed roller bearings.

slewing bearing for tower craneslewing bearing in crawler cranesslewing bearing in truck crane

Renewable Energy Sector:

Specifically used in wind turbines, blade bearings, yaw bearings, and main bearings. The main rotor bearing and yaw bearing require high quality and precision bearings to operate efficiently. The wind energy industry primarily uses three-row roller slewing bearings for their large load capacity and ability to withstand harsh environments.

slewing bearing for wind power

The Mining Industry:

slewing bearings used for their heavy-duty machinery. Excavators, bulldozers, and conveyor systems all rely on slewing bearings for support and smooth operation. In this industry, four-point contact bearings and crossed roller slewing bearings are commonly used for their high load capacity and durability.

slewing bearing for excavatorslewing bearing for heavy duty machinery

In addition, slewing bearings are also used in amusement park rides, material handling systems, and medical equipment. In these industries, various types of slewing bearings are utilized depending on the specific requirements of the application.

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