LTZC Successfully Ships 10 Sets of Large Slewing Bearings

LTZC Successfully Ships 10 Sets of Large Slewing Bearings

Congratulations to LTZC on successfully fulfilling the order for large slewing bearings. Throughout this period, our customer conducted two inspections at our factory, focusing on quality, appearance, and certifications. We are delighted to announce that today, we have successfully shipped the 10 sets of large bearings.

These bearings are specially designed as internal gear slewing bearings with a diameter of approximately 4 meters. Responding promptly to the customer's urgency, our production department prioritized this order. This dedication ensured that both our service standards and the quality of the bearing products surpassed expectations, leading to complete customer satisfaction.

ltzc slewing bearing

At LTZC Bearings, slewing bearings are among our core products, and we maintain a substantial stock of raw materials to expedite delivery times. As a result, we completed the production of these bearings in just about 35 days, highlighting our strong production capacity and efficiency.

Should your needs extend beyond our standard offerings, we excel in providing customized solutions tailored to your specific requirements, complemented by our professional technical services. We eagerly await the opportunity to collaborate with you.

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