Slewing Bearing for Mobile Cranes: A Comprehensive Overview

In the world of construction and material handling, mobile cranes are crucial for lifting and moving heavy loads. Slewing bearings play a significant role in the efficiency and safety of these cranes. This article provides a comprehensive introduction to slewing bearings for mobile cranes, covering their functionality, features, installation, technical specifications, and more.

What are Mobile Cranes?

Mobile cranes are versatile lifting equipment, capable of moving heavy loads across construction sites and other places where transportation and lifting are required. These self-propelled cranes are mounted on either a rubber-tired or crawler carrier, featuring telescoping booms to extend their reach and capacity.

What is a Slewing Bearing for Mobile Cranes?

A slewing bearing, also known as a turntable bearing or rotary bearing, is a crucial component within the mobile crane. It supports the crane's rotational movement, allowing the boom and upper structure to swivel and telescope while maintaining precise control, stability, and load capacity.

How Does a Slewing Bearing for Mobile Cranes Work?

Slewing bearings for mobile cranes consist of inner and outer rings with rolling elements (either balls or rollers) in between. The bearing assembly is mounted between the crane's upper structure and its undercarriage or carrier, enabling smooth and controlled rotation around a central axis. As the crane operates, the slewing bearing bears the axial, radial, and moment loads exerted by the weight of the lifted cargo and the boom itself.

Characteristics of a Good Slewing Bearing for Mobile Cranes

A high-quality slewing bearing for mobile cranes should have the following features:

  • Robust construction and durable materials to withstand heavy loads and harsh working conditions.

  • Smooth and low-friction rotation to enable precise control of the crane's movement.

  • Adequate sealing to protect the bearing from dust, debris, and moisture.

  • Low maintenance requirements and a long service life.

Installation of Slewing Bearing for Mobile Cranes

When installing a slewing bearing for mobile cranes, it's essential to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and recommended practices:

  • Clean and prepare the mounting surfaces.

  • Ensure proper alignment of the inner and outer rings.

  • Apply required lubrication and check for proper sealing.

  • Tighten bolts according to the manufacturer's torque specifications and sequence.

Technical Specifications of Slewing Bearings for Mobile Cranes

The technical specifications for slewing bearings can vary depending on the crane's capacity, type, and other factors. However, common specifications include:

  • Inner and outer diameter dimensions

  • Maximum load capacity (axial, radial, and moment)

  • Bearing type (single-row, double-row, or crossed roller)

  • Gear type (external, internal, or without gear)

Pricing and Availability of Slewing Bearings for Mobile Cranes

Slewing bearing pricing can vary based on factors such as size, load capacity, materials, and additional features. On average, prices range from a few thousand dollars for smaller bearings to tens of thousands for larger, heavy-duty bearings.

Availability depends on the manufacturer, lead times, and customized specifications. In general, standard sizes and configurations are usually more readily available than custom solutions.LTZC Bearing is a trusted manufacturer of Slewing Bearings for Mobile Cranes. Our engineers can provide you with the most suitable solutions and technical support. Please contact us now to get a quote.

Safety Guidelines for Slewing Bearings in Mobile Cranes

To ensure the safety and efficiency of mobile cranes using slewing bearings, follow these guidelines:

  • Regularly inspect the slewing bearing for wear, damage, and proper lubrication.

  • Adhere to the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule.

  • Replace worn or damaged bearings promptly, following the manufacturer's guidelines.

  • Monitor the crane's performance and report any unusual noises or movements for further investigation.

Factors Affecting the Price of Slewing Bearings for Mobile Cranes

The price of slewing bearings can be influenced by several factors, including:

  • Load capacity and size.

  • Material (steel or special alloys).

  • Manufacturing tolerances and precision.

  • Additional features such as sealing and gear systems.

  • Customizations like coatings or specific configurations.


Slewing bearings are vital components in mobile cranes, ensuring efficient and safe operation. By understanding their functionality, features, and other aspects, you can make informed decisions when selecting, maintaining, and replacing these critical crane components.
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