The flange function that cannot be ignored

The flange function that cannot be ignored

Flange, a mechanical component that everyone is very familiar with, is also known to be an indispensable component in the pipeline system and plays an unshakable and important role in the entire pipeline system. We also know that flanges can be combined with flange gaskets and flange bolts to form detachable joints, which can achieve the connection between stationary pipelines and rotating or reciprocating equipment.

The flange function that cannot be ignoredWide application range of flanges

Flanges can connect various materials, specifications, and types of equipment and pipelines, such as steel, chemical, petroleum, natural gas, power, and water conservancy fields.

Diversified selection of flanges

There are many types and specifications of flanges, and suitable flange types and specifications can be selected according to different needs, which can meet various production processes and customer needs.

Strong universality of flanges

The flanges adopt standardized design and comply with the standards and specifications of multiple countries and regions. They can be used in conjunction with various brands of equipment and pipelines.

So, what is the function of a flange?

Perhaps everyone may be confused when they see this issue, thinking that flanges are not just the connecting parts in the pipeline system, but also the connecting parts between shafts, used for the connection between pipe ends; Also useful is a flange on the inlet and outlet of the equipment, used for connecting between two devices, such as a gearbox flange. Anyway, the function of a flange is to connect. However, what everyone doesn't know is that the function of flanges is not only for connecting, but also for positioning. Nani? Can the flange still be positioned? Is it positioned like GPS? Isn't it difficult to understand?

We can understand with an example, such as the installation of oil cylinders. It is to drill four symmetrical holes around a rectangular body, with a large hole in the middle that is the same as the outer diameter of the oil cylinder. By placing the rectangular body on the oil cylinder, they can be welded and fixed together with other things. The connection between the oil cylinder and other things is achieved by connecting the four holes around the rectangular body. This rectangular body can be called a flange, and the installation method of the oil cylinder is called flange installation. Therefore, the function of the flange here is positioning, which is actually what we call "fixing", that is, the positioning function of the flange is the fixing function of the flange. So, everyone has understood the positioning function of the flange.

In fact, flanges not only have the function of connecting and fixing, but also have the function of facilitating detection and replacement. After all, pipeline leakage is common in the petroleum and chemical industries due to the influence of temperature, pressure, and corrosive media. In order to check where the problem occurred, it is necessary to disassemble the flange to see if it is a flange problem, such as flange installation misalignment, flange sealing surface too large, gaps in the connection between the flange and bolt gasket, etc. Only after the inspection is clear, We can only do further maintenance and upkeep.

If the pipeline leakage is caused by a flange problem, it is necessary to replace the flange in a timely manner. It is worth noting that the material and sealing surface of the flange replacement should meet the current requirements for pipeline transportation media, and should be selected in conjunction with flange gaskets and flange bolts. Then, the flange should be replaced correctly, that is, prepare tools (including protective equipment) for flange replacement, clean the flange sealing surface first, replace the flange, and then organize the replacement flange tools.

Alright, the above is an introduction to the functions of flanges. Overall, the first is connection, the second is fixation (positioning), and the third is convenient for inspection and replacement. I hope everyone can understand the flange.

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