Agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery refers to various mechanical equipment used in agricultural production, including machinery for cultivation, planting, harvesting, transportation, processing, and other aspects. With the continuous development of technology and people's continuous demand for agricultural production, the application of agricultural machinery in agricultural production is becoming increasingly widespread and has become an important support for the development of modern agriculture.

The use of agricultural machinery can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and improve the yield and quality of agricultural products. For example, using a seeder for sowing can significantly improve planting efficiency and quality, reduce waste of seeds and fertilizers; Using a harvester for harvesting can quickly and accurately complete harvesting tasks, reducing labor and time costs.

In order to better leverage the role of agricultural machinery in agricultural production, some measures need to be taken. Firstly, it is necessary to increase the research and development and promotion of agricultural machinery, improve the performance and quality of equipment, and reduce usage costs. Secondly, it is necessary to strengthen the training and education of agricultural machinery operators, improve their skills and experience levels, and avoid personal and property losses caused by improper operation. Agricultural machinery is an indispensable part of modern agricultural production. By increasing the research and promotion of agricultural machinery, strengthening the training and education of operators, and strengthening the supervision and management of the use environment, the role of agricultural machinery in agricultural production can be better played, the yield and quality of agricultural products can be improved, and the development of modern agriculture can be promoted.

LTZC Bearings mainly used in Agricultural machinery

The Triple-row Roller Slewing Bearing has three seating rings, which separate the upper, lower and radial raceways. It can specify the loads of each row of rollers. Moreover, its load carrying capacity and it can bear different loads simultaneously.

Double-row ball slewing ring with same diameter balls is usually used for wind driven generators and concrete pump trucks. In wind driven generator applications, double-row ball slewing ring is often installed at the bottom of propellers for variable pitch control which requires zero clearance, large start friction moment and high running accuracy.

Four-point contact ball bearing is comprised of an outer ring and an inner ring in integral structure or split structure. The two split rings of bearings in split structure are bolted together before delivery. Usually cages or spacers can be found in four-point contact ball bearings.

  • Cross Cylindrical Roller Slewing Bearing

    The Single-row Crossed Roller Slewing Bearing consists of two seating rings. It has compact structure, light weight, and high manufacturing accuracy. Due to the small assembly clearances, it has high requirements for the assembly accuracy. The rollers are 1:1 cross arranged. It can bear the axial force, the overturning moment and a relatively large radial force simultaneously.

  • Slewing Gear Ring

Slewing Gear Ring are large special structural bearings that can simultaneously withstand large axial loads, radial loads, and overturning moments. Usually, it comes with installation holes, lubricating oil holes, and sealing devices, which can meet the different needs of various hosts under different working conditions.

Slewing Drive is a full cycle rotary reduction transmission mechanism that integrates a driving power source. It uses a rotary bearing as the driving follower and mechanism attachment. 

Characteristics of Agricultural Machinery Bearings

  • Has high load-bearing capacity

  • Strong corrosion resistance

  • Lower noise and vibration

  • Strong durability

  • Good maintenance performance and other characteristics

  • Can meet the usage needs of Agricultural machinery and equipment.

These characteristics not only improve the work efficiency and service life of Agricultural mechanical equipment, but also improve the safety and reliability of the equipment.

Agricultural machinery bearings are a special type of bearing designed and manufactured specifically for Agricultural machinery equipment. Compared with traditional bearings, Agricultural mechanical bearings have some unique characteristics to meet the usage needs of Agricultural mechanical equipment.

Firstly, Agricultural machinery bearings have high load-bearing capacity. Due to the fact that Agricultural mechanical equipment often needs to withstand large loads and impact forces, Agricultural mechanical bearings adopt an optimized design structure to improve the bearing capacity and ensure that the bearings can still maintain stable working conditions when subjected to large loads.

Secondly, Agricultural mechanical bearings have strong corrosion resistance. Agricultural machinery and equipment often work in harsh environments, such as humidity and corrosive substances. Therefore, special surface treatment technologies such as galvanizing and spray molding are used for Agricultural machinery bearings to enhance their corrosion resistance and ensure that they can still work normally in harsh environments.

In addition, Agricultural machinery bearings also have lower noise and vibration. In order to ensure that Agricultural mechanical equipment does not generate excessive noise and vibration during use, which affects the surrounding environment and quality of life, Agricultural mechanical bearings adopt precise manufacturing processes and optimized design structures to minimize the noise and vibration generated by the bearings during operation.

In addition, Agricultural machinery bearings also have strong durability. Due to the need for long-term continuous operation of Agricultural machinery and equipment, the bearings of Agricultural machinery use high-strength materials and an optimized design structure, enhancing the durability of the bearings and ensuring that they are not easily damaged during use.

Finally, Agricultural machinery bearings also have good maintenance and repair performance. During the use of Agricultural machinery and equipment, it is inevitable that they will malfunction and be damaged. Therefore, the bearings of Agricultural machinery are designed to be easy to repair and maintain, making it convenient for users to repair and maintain the bearings, reducing the maintenance time and cost of the equipment.

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