Shield machine

Shield machine

The shield machine is a very advanced engineering technology that can perform efficient excavation and assembly work underground, greatly reducing the time and cost of tunnel construction.Shield machines are widely used in transportation, water conservancy, power, communications, and other fields, and are one of the indispensable and important equipment in modern urban construction.

In tunnel construction, the shield machine plays a very important role.It can not only excavate tunnels quickly and efficiently, but also discharge the excavated soil and rock in a timely manner to ensure the construction quality and safety of the tunnel.  At the same time, the control system of the shield machine can flexibly adjust the excavation direction and depth of the shield machine according to the changes in terrain and construction requirements, achieving precise construction.

The development of the shield machine is also a very interesting history.Its invention can be traced back to Europe in the mid-19th century, when it was used to excavate underground waterways and subway tunnels.With the development and advancement of engineering technology, the design and application of shield machines have become more advanced and widespread, becoming one of the indispensable and important equipment in modern urban construction.

The shield machine is a very advanced engineering technology equipment, which is widely used in the fields of tunnel construction, transportation, water conservancy, electricity, communication, etc. Understanding the structure and principle of the shield machine can help us better understand the construction process and technical requirements of tunnel engineering, and can also provide important references and lessons for future engineering construction.

Characteristics of shield machine

The shield machine is a mechanical equipment specially used for tunnel construction, and its characteristics mainly include the following aspects:

1. High degree of automation: The shield machine integrates advanced automation technology and intelligent control systems, enabling automated tunneling, segment assembly, propulsion, and other operations, greatly improving construction efficiency and quality.

2. Fast tunneling speed: The tunneling speed of the shield machine can range from tens of meters to hundreds of meters per day, depending on factors such as the geological conditions of the tunnel, the speed of segment assembly, and the tunneling distance.

3. High construction accuracy: The shield machine uses high-precision measuring equipment and control systems to achieve high-precision tunneling and segment assembly, thereby ensuring the construction accuracy and quality of the tunnel.

4. Wide range of applications: The shield machine is suitable for various geological conditions and tunnel types, such as subway, railway, highway, and water conservancy, with strong adaptability to meet the needs of different projects.

5. Good safety performance: The shield machine adopts a closed tunneling method, which can reduce the occurrence of construction safety accidents.  At the same time, its high degree of automation can also reduce the errors and risks of manual operation.

6. Good economic efficiency: The shield machine can continuously and efficiently construct, thereby shortening the construction period and reducing construction costs.In addition, the shield machine can also achieve recycling, reducing equipment wear and tear and costs.

In short, as an advanced tunnel construction equipment, the shield machine has the characteristics of high automation, fast tunneling speed, high construction accuracy, wide application range, good safety performance and good economy, and is widely used in various tunnel constructions.

LTZC Bearings mainly used in Shield machine

Three Row Cylindrical Roller Slewing Bearing

The Triple-row Roller Slewing Bearing has three seating rings, which separate the upper, lower and radial raceways. It can specify the loads of each row of rollers. Moreover, its load carrying capacity and it can bear different loads simultaneously.

Double Row Ball Slewing Bearings

Double-row ball slewing ring with same diameter balls is usually used for wind driven generators and concrete pump trucks. In wind driven generator applications, double-row ball slewing ring is often installed at the bottom of propellers for variable pitch control which requires zero clearance, large start friction moment and high running accuracy.

Four Point Contact Ball Slewing Bearing

Four-point contact ball bearing is comprised of an outer ring and an inner ring in integral structure or split structure. The two split rings of bearings in split structure are bolted together before delivery. Usually cages or spacers can be found in four-point contact ball bearings.

Characteristics of LTZC special bearings for shield machines

LTZC special bearings for shield machines are an important component of shield machine equipment and have the following characteristics:

1. Strong bearing capacity: The LTZC shield machine dedicated bearing has strong bearing capacity and can withstand various loads from both inside and outside the shield machine, including the impact and pressure on the bearing caused by excavation, propulsion, rotation, and other actions.

2. Excellent high-speed running performance: The shield machine needs to rotate rapidly during the process of tunneling, so it requires excellent high-speed running performance of the bearing.The LTZC shield machine dedicated bearing adopts advanced bearing body design and material selection to ensure the high-speed running performance of the bearing and improve the excavation efficiency of the shield machine.

3. Strong durability: The shield machine requires long-term continuous operation during tunnel excavation, so the bearings are required to have a long service life.The materials and structural design of the LTZC shield machine dedicated bearings have undergone strict quality control and life testing to meet the requirements of long-term continuous operation.

4. Strong corrosion resistance: Shield machines work underground in a humid environment, requiring bearings with good corrosion resistance.The LTZC shield machine bearing uses special surface treatment technology to effectively prevent corrosion and extend the service life of the bearing.

5. High accuracy: The excavation and propulsion accuracy of the shield machine directly affects the construction quality of the tunnel.The design and manufacturing accuracy of the LTZC shield machine dedicated bearing is very high, which can ensure the excavation and propulsion accuracy of the shield machine, thereby ensuring the construction quality of the tunnel.

6. Convenient maintenance: The maintenance and repair of shield machines are crucial to the normal operation of the equipment.The design and structure of the LTZC shield machine dedicated bearings make it very convenient to maintain, which can save a lot of maintenance time and costs.

In short, the LTZC special bearing for shield machines has the characteristics of strong bearing capacity, excellent high-speed running performance, strong durability, strong corrosion resistance, high precision, and convenient maintenance.  It is one of the indispensable and important components in shield machine equipment.

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